Salon Policies

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique has implemented the following salon policies to guarantee that every Client Guest will enjoy our luxury boutique salon service experience and receive the absolute best in trend-setting styling design services.??

Styling Design Service(S) Consultation & Pricing

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique offers an initial 15 minutes (approximate time) of Complimentary Consultation with our Salon Team Stylist of choice.

The salon requires that client guests must schedule an appointment for complimentary consultation sessions. It is encouraged that client guests have a consultation with your Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique Team Stylist prior to color or other chemical services to guarantee maximum desired results. The Stylist can determine actual pricing for color and others services during your complimentary consultation session.

*Please note that quotes given by Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique Team Receptionists are estimates only and actual salon service pricing may vary depending on creative stylists, specific service treatments, application techniques, products used to create desired styling service(s), length of time and length of hair.

Cancellation / No-show Policy

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique requires a 24-hour notice for Appointment Cancellations of all scheduled salon services.

*Please note that "No Shows" are an extreme disruption to the salon operations and any client guest that has 3 consecutive "No Shows" for scheduled appointments without contacting the salon will be unable to schedule future appointments.

Late Arrivals for Appointments

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique Stylist Team appreciates a courtesy call to notify us of all late arrivals. We will make every effort to accommodate the initially scheduled service(s); however, the Salon reserves the right to re-schedule the appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late.

*Please note the Salon will have to limit the salon service(s) for late arrivals in adherence to the initial time block reserved for your salon services. As a courtesy to other scheduled appointment arrivals, the Salon will not allow an extension of time for scheduled treatment services for late arrivals, thus it is strongly encouraged that all guests arrive as initially confirmed.


?Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique does not include gratuities in the price for styling service(s). Gratuities are welcomed and encouraged solely at our client guests' discretion in recognition of outstanding styling services performed by your stylist.

*All gratuities are cash only and all gratuities are greatly appreciated!?

Refund Policy- Salon Styling Services

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique Salon Team takes pride in our trend-setting creative design services; however, if for some reason we miss the mark of excellence in our service execution towards you - PLEASE notify Salon Management within 48 hours of your service(s).

Upon Management's discretion, a complimentary "redo" or alternative solutions may be possible.

*Please note that Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique Salon does not issue refunds for any hair styling services.

Extensive (Treatment) Services- Corrective Color, Hair Straightening, Weaves, Bridal Services

Due to the extensive amount of time that these services require, a 50% deposit is required at the time of appointment booking. The 50% deposit amount is applied to the client guest's salon service balance.

*Please note that ALL appointment bookings are subject to the terms of Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique 24 hour cancellation notice and ANY missed appointment will result in the forfeiture of the 50% deposit thus the deposit is non-refundable.


Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique asks that you please refrain from bringing children that are not having services performed. The Salon guarantees our client guests' overall salon service experience and unattended children can cause a possible disruption to styling services being rendered to other client guests.

*Please note that Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique is not held responsible for monitor or care of unattended children not receiving salon styling services.?

Accepted Methods of Payment

Arnerine’s Beauty Boutique accepts Cash (USD), Bank Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard and Salon gift cards.